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Call Woods Tree Service for tree removal in Pearland & Friendswood, TX

Do you want more light to reach your lawn? Are you worried about a tree that was damaged in a storm? Woods Tree Service offers tree removal services in the Pearland & Friendswood, TX areas. Our arborist will visit your residential or commercial property and make an assessment of the health of your trees. We'll make recommendations based on our findings, which could include tree removal.

Call 713-474-3934 today to get a free estimate on tree removal in Pearland and Friendswood, TX and the surrounding area.

We'll assess the health of your trees

We'll assess the health of your trees

There's no limit to what we can remove. We'll examine the health of your tree and determine the best course of action. In some cases, a tree can be saved. We can get rid of trees that are:

  • Blocking light from reaching the lawn
  • Damaged from weather or age
  • Diseased or dying

Our crew will haul away your tree or save the wood for your use at your request. Contact Woods Tree Service today for professional tree removal services in Pearland & Friendswood, TX.